Learning Support including SEND

Learning Support including SEND

“The Learning Support Department at Matthew Moss High School has responsibility for ensuring that learners with Special Educational Needs, English as an Additional Language or those with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties are achieving in their learning.  We are proud of the successes we have had and continue to have with these groups of learners.”

Special Educational Needs

Matthew Moss High School is an inclusive school and is proactive in thinking ahead to anticipate the barriers that students with learning needs may face. Learners with special educational needs have access to a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum. In order to help them develop as successful learners, they may receive additional staff support in lessons and may also be withdrawn to work in a small, specialist group. Learners have access to a range of programmes which are designed to develop numeracy and literacy skills. More complex needs are met through delivery of individual programmes created to particular specifications. One example of this is the Social & Emotional Skills Intervention which is an initiative to develop social interaction, language and communication skills, particularly in learners on the autistic spectrum. 

In addition, Wellcomm has been developed to support learners with language needs and IDL is used to enhance literacy for our learners with dyslexia.

“I just want to say that I cannot fault the SEND team at Matthew Moss and appreciate all the support you give, not just to students but to the parents as well.”


We quickly identify learners, who are making limited progress and provide targeted interventions and support to meet their needs. We ensure that parents and carers are fully aware of the SEND process and informed of their child’s learning at regular points throughout the year. We work alongside the Local Authority, Health Professionals and community organisations to find the most appropriate and effective support for learners within our care.

SEND Identification Process

It is acknowledged that the request for support for individual learners can occur at any time. The identification of need can come from any one of a number of sources. 

For example:

  • Subject Teacher  
  • Personal Tutor  
  • School Nurse  
  • Feeder Primary School  
  • Any colleague  
  • Parents carers  
  • Outside Agencies  
  • The individual student

Matthew Moss High School will adopt a Graduated Response approach (Assess, Plan, Do, Review) to match the special educational provision to the needs of the students, with due regard to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice (2015). The provision for SEND students is formally costed and funding is evaluated regularly to assess value for money and the impact of that funding. Learners with an EHCP will receive some additional funding to assist their provision which will be reviewed yearly at the Annual Review.

The majority of learners on the SEND Register are classified as ‘SEND Support (K)’ learners and the majority of their support-needs are funded from within the main school baseline funding. Further information on funding and how this may be spent is available in Rochdale’s Local Offer.

1. Early Identification –

  • Initial discussion with parents, carers and teachers 
  • SEN Concerns form to gather information
  • Universal Offer Strategies 
  • Six week Review

2. SEND Support  –

SEN Team assesses the evidence and decides on a course of action – 

  • Book looks
  • Observations
  • Interventions with specified targets.
  • One Page Profile   

 Review date set and progress measured.

3. Discuss next steps –

Either removal of SEND interventions due to good progress made or proceed with the completion of a referral form with parents’ and carers’ consent. Identify appropriate professionals to refer to (Educational Psychologist, RANS, CAMHS etc.)

4. Specialists will make appropriate observations and recommendations.

Matthew Moss High School will follow recommendations requesting any further support if required.

5. Final Steps – Decision to close the referral process or request assessment for an Education Health Care Plan if the threshold is met. Please note from the point of the EHCP application this takes twenty weeks along with the additional time taken to gather evidence. 

EHCP reviews will take place approximately every twelve months. The annual review is a way to raise concerns or suggest changes if parents or carers are not happy with the content of an EHC plan.

Throughout the academic year parents and carers will have the opportunity to meet with the SEND Team to discuss the needs, progress and support of students on the SEND register. 

The SEN Information Report can be found in the documents section of this page. Please see our policies page for any SEND policies including the Accessibility plan and the SEN Information Report.

Local Offer

Information about what services are available to young people in Rochdale with a disability or special educational need are available on the Rochdale Borough Council website through the local offer which can be found by clicking here.

Hearing Impaired Resource Base (HIRB)

Rochdale’s secondary Hearing Impaired Resource Base is situated at Matthew Moss High School. The base is designed to support hearing impaired learners in the mainstream. Sign supported English is used by support staff in lessons so as to allow learners to be included and access the learning. The base is staffed by one teacher of hearing impaired learners and five teaching assistants. 

The aim is to help deaf learners to develop the language and communication skills, social skills and confidence required to achieve their full academic potential. Admission to the resource base is agreed by the local authority. Learners have Severe-Profound hearing loss and require a higher level of support from the team for children with hearing impairment.

This includes the availability of staff with sign language skills appropriate to their needs where pupils use sign. Learners with hearing loss are included in all aspects of high school life by meeting their individual learning and communication needs and promoting deaf awareness across the school. 

Learning Mentors

Our three Learning Mentors work with learners experiencing personal or social difficulties that might impact their success in school. They offer a breakfast club every day to all learners. They also provide counselling and advice to learners, emotional support and a range of programs of intervention to allow all learners to develop their self-confidence and reach their academic potential.


Learners with English as an Additional Language are supported in the mainstream where they are immersed in the language. At key stage 3, learners attend some intervention lessons each week when they first start learning English to allow them to decode phonics in English. 

At key stage 4, some learners require pre-teaching and post-teaching of subject-specific and academic language in order to enable them to access the curriculum. This is provided by both an EAL specialist teacher and EAL teaching assistants.

If you have any concerns or wish to discuss SEND at Matthew Moss High School, please do not hesitate to contact the SEND Team: 

Ms Narda Sestanovic – SENDCo

Ms Hayley Klee – Trust SENDCo 

Mrs Gemma Halliwell – SEND Manager