Faculty Intent

Through an integrated Humanities model that includes the teaching of Citizenship, Geography, History and Religious Studies, our vision is to plan and deliver a curriculum that offers learners at Matthew Moss an opportunity to develop and challenge their understanding of the world around them.

Curriculum Overview

We deliver a diverse and knowledge rich Humanities curriculum that empowers our learners with the opportunity to achieve whatever they want in their future education or careers through a culture of lifelong learning. We wish to provide our learners with a Humanities curriculum that gives them the ability to make informed decisions, articulate their beliefs whilst also empathising with the perspectives and beliefs of others to raise awareness of the power of diverse teams and thoughts.

Our curriculum incorporates a variety of learning methods, thinking skills and opportunities for learner agency. We also consider opportunities to use technology in our lessons. By doing so, we aim to prepare our learners for a changing world and to allow them to not be limited by geographical, educational or economical constraints in pursuit of their futures.

Our learners are engaged in a curriculum that encourages them to learn about the local area in more detail and to develop a sense of pride about Rochdale in particular. Where possible, our schemes of learning involve a link to our school, Rochdale or the Greater Manchester area.

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