Pastoral Support

Families & Tutors

The pastoral system at Matthew Moss High School is unique!

On joining Matthew Moss High School, every learner becomes part of a Family.

There are four Families: Beech, Lime, Maple and Oak.  Each Family has its own personality and is led by a Head of Family and a team of tutors. In each tutor group there are approximately 28 learners made up from 6 learners per year. Having a variety of different learners from each year in the tutor group, allows learners to learn from each other, therefore reflecting real life interactions.  For example, Year 11 can share their experiences of Work Experience with Year 10 and Year 8 can help Year 7 settle into school.

During Tutor Time learners will participate in a variety of engaging activities; they will be encouraged to interact with and discuss current affairs, they will have the opportunity to discuss their learning with their tutor and will be encouraged to make valuable contributions to school life, through sharing their ideas and opinions regarding important school matters.  Their tutor is the most important member of staff in their school career and is a vital link between home and school.

Another key feature of the pastoral system is our programme of personal, social and emotional development: “Learning for Life”.  Learning for Life Days happen throughout the school year and enable learners to develop new skills; from attaining a First Aid Certificate to learners creating a Public Service Campaign on Crime Prevention.

Members of the pastoral team are available to discuss the progress and development of students and answer any questions you may have. 

Please see below for full family members:


Head of Family
Mr C Bell

Second in Family Miss Ahmad


Head of Family
Mrs Z Walsh

Second of Family
Miss A Fielding


Head of Family
Mr K Young

Second in Family Miss G Owens


Head of Family
Miss J Walters

Second in Family
Miss C Turner