Edufuturist School of the Year 2024 Nomination

Edufuturist School of the Year 2024 Nomination

We are honoured to announce that Matthew Moss High School are highly commended for the Edufuturists Awards 2024 in the Secondary School of the Year category sponsored by Canva!

The Edufuturists are a forward-thinking organisation who have a passion for progressing education and are powered by innovation and vision that will enable students to be lifelong learners with the skills to create, collaborate, critically think and communicate in this ever progressing world in which they will live and work.

Why Matthew Moss?

At Matthew Moss we do things a little differently. We are a diverse and harmonious community in which every member plays a vital role in creating a calm, respectful and happy environment.  This ethos of shared responsibility has grown from the best practices in business (Quality is everyone’s responsibility – WE Deming)  and a mission to create proactive and positive citizenship, in school and for life.

The dispositions of our CHANGE values inform all that we do at Matthew Moss; Composure, High Standards, Agency, Numeracy and Literacy, Growth Mindset and Empathy. These have been at the heart of the school for many years and have created a thriving community where stakeholders feel valued and welcomed. The reputation of the Matthew Moss community within the local area is strong, and this has led to the school being significantly oversubscribed.

We always maintain High Standards in how we present and conduct ourselves. Our uniform policy is fair and reflects the local community we serve, with learners having the choice to wear a tie or not. We have no bells as learners are encouraged to use their Agency to attend lessons on time.

We have mixed-performance classes where all learners are encouraged to use their Growth Mindset to maximise their learning. We do not ‘set’ our learners and we never use the term ‘ability’ as both can work as barriers to ensuring the best academic progress for everyone.

The most striking example of Agency within our community is our D6 provision,  a Saturday learning environment that is led by our learners and the Sixth Form Coaches we employ. There is no uniform, timetable or set curriculum. Learners decide what they want to learn and how they want to do it. D6 is voluntary.

Every Saturday, over 100 learners turn up for an additional four hours of study and those who attend D6 regularly achieve a GCSE progress score  in line with the top-performing schools in the country. 

The lived ethos of CHANGE at Matthew Moss High School is underpinned by the use of Transactional Analysis, a theory more usual in business and therapeutic applications.  Knowledge of this theory  is shared equally with staff and learners alike and informs all our relationships and interactions, producing an environment which is both mutually respectful and efficient.

Specifically, the ‘Integrated Adult’ model offers the school a framework for understanding and adapting behaviours, so that support, challenge, playfulness and manners are enacted in thoughtful and positive ways. We encourage all members of our community, young and old, to remain in the Integrated Adult space where we listen, ask questions and provide feedback. Matthew Moss High School is, moreover, part of the Watergrove Trust and follows the ‘Windows of the World’ model to encourage behaviours in line with the Trust’s Charter to Coach, Challenge and Innovate. 

At Matthew Moss High School we aim to develop learners who are prepared for life in the 21st Century. As a community we are determined that all the young people in our care leave school with the strong academic achievement, mature skill-set and sense of direction to enable lives both satisfying to themselves and of significant value to society.