Year 7-10 Remote Learning Offer

Year 7-10 Remote Learning - what you need to know

What’s our remote learning offer?

Learners can expect quality remote education which reflects their normal school curriculum.

Learners can expect blended learning and a variety of different ways to learn.

Learners can expect some face to face contact (via Loom videos or live lessons) in every lesson.

Learners can expect work posted on Google Classroom inline with their timetables.

Learners can expect staff to respond to any queries or questions within a 24 hour window.

Learners can expect at least one live lesson per subject, per week.

Parents receive updates of their child’s engagement on a weekly basis.

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What do we expect from learners?

We expect learners to attend lessons in line with their timetable, remotely and complete their assessments.

We expect learners to understand that they need to participate in lessons, not just attend them.

We expect learners to ask questions and be fully invested in the remote learning.

We expect each assessment to be completed to a high standard and submitted onto the Google Classroom in the knowledge that it will help inform us of their final GCSE grades.

If learners are struggling with the learning set, they must inform their teacher via Google Classroom.

We expect learners to keep engaged with us.

What do we ask from parents/carers?

We ask that you maintain healthy routines with your child which enable them to continue learning effectively, in line with their normal timetable (i.e sensible sleep patterns, a healthy diet).

We ask for your continued support. We will always ensure our learners get the best possible opportunity to achieve and reach their goals.

We ask you to continue in playing an active role with the learning of your child. Ask them what they’ve done today?, what was hard?, what was fun?

Hold your child to account for their engagement with remote learning.

What do the different terms mean?

Remote Learning - is the learning that you are carrying out at home, inline with your curriculum.
Live Learning - is where your teacher conducts the lesson (or parts of it) live via a link sent on the Classroom. 
Blended Learning - is how we make sure you have a variety of ways to learn with your remote learning. This could be through lectures, assignments set, live lessons, loom videos and quizzes.


Do I need to attend every lesson and complete every piece of assessment?
In short, it’s incredibly important that you attend, participate, engage with and complete each assessment set by your teachers.

What happens if I don’t attend?
School will be in touch with parents/carers and explain the importance of remote attendance and the damage that non-attendance/engagement can have to future life choices. Parents/carers are also sent a summary report of your engagement - so they know how much you are engaging.

What happens if I don’t have the resources or ICT to complete my learning effectively?
We need to know what the issue is so that we can help you try and provide you with what you need. Call school or email to let us know there is an issue and we’ll get back to you.


As a school we have signed up to GCSEPod which is an awarding winning GCSE revision online resource that can be access at home and in school. It can be access via the website or as Android or Apple app.

What is it?

One website, 3 apps and over 6000 Pods. 
Content produced specifically for mobile devices, tablets and PCs.
Designed to squeeze exactly the right knowledge needed for exam success into short 3-5 minute chunks. 
Helps with learning, homework and revision.
This will be launched with learners and parents on the 15th/ 18th Jan.

Your child will continue to receive careers support and guidance through this time provided by Miss Timmins. Please contact her if you’d like some specific help on

How to stay organised and productive at home


  1. Wake up at the same time you do when you are in school. Get changed and get out your timetable. Access the form time activity via your form google classroom. 
  2. Complete work for your Period 1 and 2 lesson. 
    Email via your school account your class teacher on your timetable, if you have any queries. 
  3. Take a break from 10:50 - 11:10am.
    Read/ draw / talk to your friends. 
  4. Complete work for your Period 3 and 4 lesson. 
    Email via your school account your class teacher on your timetable, if you have any queries.
  5. Enjoy your well-deserved lunch. 
    Read/ draw / talk to your friends/ exercise at home.
  6. Complete work for your Period 5 and 6 lesson. 
    Email via your school account your class teacher on your timetable, if you have any queries. 
  7. At 3.25pm, take a break and exercise. Get changed. Limit watching the news for 30 minutes. Make a list of everything you have achieved!

Form Time Routine

  • Continue with form time routine as normal both in school or remotely
  • Opportunity to engage with your Form tutor, Heads of Family and other learners within your form

Monday - Contact loom from one of the Heads of Family

Tuesday - PSHE activity

Wednesday - Interactive quiz

Thursday - Literacy activity

Friday - PSHE activity


Accessing Remote Learning

All work will be set by your teachers via Google Classroom. It is important the you engage with your learning and submit this back to your teacher as requested on their post.
Some lessons will be live and you will be told this prior to your lesson by your teacher. 
Please view this step by step guide on how to access your work

How to Access Live Learning