Remote Learning

If groups of learners at MMHS are sent home due to COVID19, we will continue to provide an engaging and broad curriculum via remote learning, mainly through Google Classroom.

Learner expectations during this time are simple and clear. Learners are to attend their timetabled lessons set via the classroom and to complete the tasks that have been set by their teacher. If a learner has any issues with the content of their learning, we advise them to seek advice from the classroom teacher who will be on hand to respond accordingly.  We ask for support from parents and carers to enable us to effectively implement this remote learning.

Please could parents and carers:

  • Be aware of their son/daughter’s timetable and re-affirm expectations of engagement (attend the timetabled lesson remotely, complete all learning that has been set, and communicate with staff if there are any issues).
  • Regularly check in with their son/daughter and ensure that they can access the learning set by their teachers.
  • Remain involved in asking what their son/daughter learnt today at school (albeit remotely)
  • Contact school if they have problems motivating their son/daughter to engage with remote learning.

If a learner does not have the capacity to work online from home, school will initially provide physical learning packs which will be delivered to the learner. We will also endeavour to ensure that learners nearing the completion of their GCSE courses will be given priority with the loaning of school devices, wherever possible. 

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