Our dress code reflects our mission of “Learning for Life” and we regard uniform as an important opportunity to further develop adult habits in our learners.

In adult life it is vital that we look our very best at significant moments, such as at interview or when giving a presentation, therefore it is very important that our learners develop the habit of thinking carefully about how they should present themselves.

As a result, our dress code echoes that of many workplaces, including local companies such as Zen Internet, based at Sandbrook Park, Rochdale and large multinational companies such as Siemens, based at Trafford Park, Manchester.  Both require staff to dress in a smart but relaxed manner in the office, however, when presenting to clients they are required to be the very smartest they can be.

Our uniform is similar: for everyday wear, black footwear, black trousers or skirts, white shirts or blouses, optional plain black jumpers, cardigans or suit jackets form the base uniform. However, when learners are giving presentations or representing school, then they must be extremely smart with jackets and, for boys, ties.

The policy remains:

  • Either a Matthew Moss tie or badge.  Students may wear both if they wish
  • Ties (£5) and badges (£1) can be purchased at reception
  • Black footwear
  • Black skirt or tailored trousers (not jeans, chinos or leggings)
  • Plain white shirt or blouse, tucked in
  • Optional black jumper, cardigan or tailored jacket
  • Formal wear when presenting or on school trips, including, for boys, ties properly worn
  • Hoodies are classed as outdoor garments and must be removed in class
  • Footwear and knitwear must be pure black with no logos
  • Shirts and blouses must be tucked in

PE Kit Indoor:

  • White polo shirt
  • Black shorts/skirt/tracksuit bottoms
  • Socks
  • Non-marking training shoes 

PE Kit Outdoor:

  • Black rugby shirt/sweatshirt
  • Black shorts/black tracksuit bottoms
  • Black socks
  • Football boots, with rubber studs only


PE Uniform


All learners who are not in full uniform must bring a letter from home explaining why they are not able to wear full uniform and for how long the situation will last. Letters from parents must be shown to their Form Tutor. Learners must keep this letter with them at all times as they may be asked about their uniform.

In the first instance of non-compliance learners will have an adult to adult discourse with their Form Tutor about the issues with uniform and learners will be expected to return to school the following day dressed correctly.  Form Tutors will then contact parents / carers to discuss this matter further.  

The following sanctions may also be carried out:

break, lunch or after school detention

learner being sent home to rectify their uniform and expected to return to school in a timely manner.  Any learning time missed will have to be met

All sanctions regarding non-compliance of uniform remain at the discretion of the Headteacher.