As part of the school’s approach to ensuring that every child really does matter there are three Learning Mentors at Matthew Moss High School: Mrs Hoyle, Mrs Smedley and Mrs Darnbrough.

The Learning Mentors at Matthew Moss are successful at reducing and, more often than not, removing barriers that prevent students from learning. These barriers include poor organisational skills, difficulties with homework or coursework, emotional issues as well as academic difficulties.

Breakfast Club is run each morning and welcomes students to school, aiding punctuality and ensuring prompt attendance at school.

The Learning Mentors work closely with many outside agencies, depending on the needs of the student and Families. All three Learning Mentors are Safeguarding officers in school.

The Learning Mentors work with all faculties in the school and with Family teams, to enhance the learning experiences of their target students. On occasions they will work with students on an individual basis or in small groups. They also talk to teachers to help them meet the particular needs of the students.

Much time is spent by the mentors in liaison with our primary school partners prior to students transferring to Matthew Moss; this ensures that moving from their Primary School is as smooth and trouble free as possible for parents and children alike. Every new Yr7 learner is visited at least once before they start at Matthew Moss.

Examples of additional involvement in the school’s successes are:

  • co-ordinating and training a group of students in Yr9 and 10 who are Peer Mentors. These students support their peers in school and work with the primary schools during transition.
  • facilitating a number of "Surviving Your Teenager" courses over the last couple of years, to help parents deal with teenage issues and offer advice on helping their children successfully develop into mature adults able to make positive contributions to society.
  • Parent “Drop-in sessions” on a fortnightly basis to talk through any issues they may be having or advice and need sign -posting on to other services.
  • For the past 4 years Mentors have organised a residential at the start of the summer holidays.
  • There is also an invitation for every  New Yr7 Learner to attend a transition day at the start of the summer holidays to build their confidence for their start in September.