Open Evening


Hello and welcome to our Open Evening page!  Things are a little different this year but we hope our online information helps you with your choice of secondary school.

Where do I start?

  • Explore our website with your child and watch our welcome videos below which we have created especially for you
  • Learn about CHANGE and how this makes Matthew Moss such a unique place to learn, grow and develop
  • Enjoy reading our prospectus
  • Complete our feedback and question form together - we love to hear thoughts from parents and learners
  • Click here to access the admissions form to apply for a place at Matthew Moss. This is only for Rochdale residents, and those who live outside of Rochdale need to apply through their own local authority.
  • Visit our website again - our Open Evening page is live until the end of October.

We hope you find our content useful and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Executive Headteacher Mark Moorhouse Welcome

Head of School Chris Jennings Welcome

Commonly Asked Questions

Will my child be safe and happy at MMHS?

According to our latest Ofsted report, yes. The report says

‘Pupils and parents are overwhelmingly positive about the care and support provided by the school. In discussions, pupils told inspectors that the way they are supported by adults, both pastorally and academically, is one of the best things about the school’.

At MMHS we believe that our role is to ensure that your young person is supported in every way possible, not just academically. We believe happy learners make a positive contribution to the world around them and strive to make sure that is possible. The latest report in 2018 also states

‘Pupils feel safe at school. Ninety-seven per cent of parents who responded to Ofsted’s online survey, Parent View, said that their children felt safe at school. The school’s work to help pupils stay safe is highly effective’.

What happens if my child gets bullied at school?

Firstly, instances of bullying at MMHS are very low. When a situation arises, staff have the experience and tenacity to deal with such instances with assurance. Oftsed said ‘Pupils understand that bullying must not be tolerated; as such, it is very rare. On the few occasions it does take place, pupils are confident that staff will help them and resolve the matter quickly and effectively’.

Where can my child go if they need support?

At MMHS our pastoral system is designed with support in mind. Learners are encouraged to speak to staff about any issues they may be facing, starting with their form tutor. Family Leadership teams provide the over-arching, daily support and our Learning Mentors are on hand to support our community throughout their MMHS career.

Will my child be able to study a full and broad curriculum at MMHS?

Absolutely. Our curriculum approach, like all things at Matthew Moss High School, is learner-centred. Our aim is to ensure that learners have an appropriate and ambitious curriculum which engages, provokes and challenges. Our goal is to empower young people for a life of learning both satisfying to themselves and of significant value to society. We provide our learners with a rich diet of academic and wider knowledge and an experience aligned with our CHANGE offer. At MMHS we encourage our staff to engage with the five key teaching methods on our continuum in order to provide engaging and thought-provoking delivery of knowledge.

What is the uniform policy at MMHS?

Our dress code reflects our mission of “Learning for Life” and we regard uniform as an important opportunity to further develop adult habits in our learners.

In adult life it is vital that we look our very best at significant moments, such as at interview or when giving a presentation, therefore it is very important that our learners develop the habit of thinking carefully about how they should present themselves.
As a result, our dress code echoes that of many workplaces, including local companies such as Zen Internet, based at Sandbrook Park, Rochdale and large multinational companies such as Siemens, based at Trafford Park, Manchester. Both require staff to dress in a smart but relaxed manner in the office, however, when presenting to clients they are required to be the very smartest they can be.
Our uniform is similar: for everyday wear, black footwear, black trousers or skirts, white shirts or blouses, optional plain black jumpers, cardigans or suit jackets form the base uniform. However, when learners are giving presentations or representing school, then they must be extremely smart with jackets and, for boys, ties. In addition, we ask MMHS learners to signal their inclusion in our community by wearing a MMHS tie or pin badge (both purchased from school reception).

What did Ofsted rate Matthew Moss on their last inspection?

We are very proud to have been awarded "Good" by Ofsted. The full report can be read here.