Life at MMHS.

Nurturing Learners

Life of Learning.

As a learner of Matthew Moss High School you are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of school life - whether that be in the form of academic excellence, sporting enjoyment or participating in cultural and social activities. We are highly regarded as a creative and innovative school that provide learner independence, enthusiasm and inspiration.

Unique learning environment. Innovative space.

Our extensively refurbished buildings are lavishly equipped and form an extremely high quality learning environment. Our 4D immersive space is the largest installation in any UK school. Our school also benefits from a climbing wall, Bouldering Room, 3G astroturf and fitness suite. Learners also have access to industry quality technology with widespread Apple provision located across the building. Whether it is sport, media, music, drama, film or photography you are into, we have the infrastructure in place.

What to expect at Matthew Moss?

We recognise that people young and old want to learn, it is something that resonates within us all from birth. At Matthew Moss teachers provide the time, engagement and skills to build learner interest and natural curiosity, for a far more enjoyable education experience.

Our staff work in unison with our learners, parents and carers to create a personalised and well equipped learning experience, providing confidence and the skills students need to succeed in their search for further education or employment. Form Tutors and Heads of Family stay with their year groups. This means the form group is able to work in a family-type atmosphere of mutual trust and co-operation. The Form Tutor is able to get to know well a small group of learners, providing all-important bedrock of stability for the children as they progress through school. The Form Tutor is also the person who monitors the academic progress of members of their tutor group. Through daily contact with learners, a tutor can identify any difficulties in particular subjects and is able to praise and reward academic achievements.

Great Teaching
We provide an environment that facilitates learning and growth. Because of this we have been featured in The Sunday Times and have links with Eton College and Harvard University.

High ability students perform strongly at Matthew Moss, beating the national figures. We are the only UK school that has been invited to join the prestigious Global School Alliance, which is partnered with Harvard University. A study by Bristol University found that when a student of our school goes onto college, they make better progress than their colleagues from other schools. Our D6 Saturday School was also featured in the Sunday Times.

Aamna Ifran, a former pupil of Matthew Moss, achieved 11 straight A* grades at GCSE in 2015 and pictured right is Rochdale Football Club captain Jamie Allen, who is also a former pupil to our school.

Jamie Allen, Rochdale FC captain and former pupil

Jamie Allen, Rochdale FC captain and former pupil.

We work hard to give young people high-quality experiences which will put them ahead of the game in understanding where they might place themselves in the world.

About 5% of curriculum time for older learners is devoted to My Future, a programme which allows them to investigate, in authentic and realistic ways, their future lives. For instance, a student might choose a work experience placement, or to study A Level Mathmatics, or attend university lectures, or go to college to persue motor vehicle mechanics, or to follow an Honours programme to alight them for apllication to Russel Group universities such as Oxford, and Cambridge. In the way students try out the actuality of things they might want to persue in life.

A sense of direction
We are a school on the up, absolutely committed to learning for life.

We are repeatedly impressed by the positive contributions to community life made by Matthew Moss students and are proud to be one of the first schools in the UK to receive Changemaker status.

Our Changemaker initiatives facilitate social and emotional development alongside academics. We believe in students’ life-long and independent learning, meaningful contribution to society and exposure to systems thinking. We uphold a unique learning agenda through learner-led classrooms in which students co-construct their learning experiences.

Learning for Life




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