Media Studies

Providing 21st Century life and work skills, through academic Media Studies.

Media Studies Overview:

Media Studies is a GCSE which firmly roots itself in a sense of self and our place in the current world. Never has it been more important than today to be literate in reading, and writing media in its differing forms. Through the teaching of Media Studies, we aim to provide real-life, project based experiences to allow our learners to develop their analytical skills of media, and increase their mastery of reading, writing and speaking and listening. The ultimate goal is to enable learners to have transferable skills which they can use elsewhere, both in other subjects, and in their future beyond school.

Our goal is to provide learners with an experience which equips them for life in the media driven 21st Century. We aim to achieve this through our curriculum aims.

  1. To create innovative, engaging, creative learning experiences with a real life focus, both within and outside of our school community, that allow learners to work independently and collaboratively, with a tangible, meaningful goal.
  2. To work collaboratively as a subject area, using the varied skills of staff at Matthew Moss to provide learners with the best learning experience possible.
  3. To raise attainment through timely feedback of projects with real audiences, reflection, both of academic and holistic skills, to support learners to achieve their potential, in both Media Studies and across the school.

In year 9, learners are introduced to Media studies, as an option, through a project based structure which allows them the opportunity to work in a range of media. They will develop their media literacy skills, in analysis and academic writing, through close study of engaging media texts in a variety of forms, planning of projects from a design brief, and learn the importance of high standards and professionalism in their work. Personalised, timely feedback will allow learners to make best progress and will equip learners for GCSE.

In years 10 and 11, learners undertake the new AQA GCSE Media Studies. Learners will study all of the following media forms: Television, film, radio, newspapers, magazines, advertising and marketing, online, social and participatory media, video games, music video. Using the skills developed in year 9, we will continue to work on real life projects, whilst also introducing exam skills in preparation for the GCSE exams at the end of year 11, when learners will submit one controlled assessment project and sit two exams to achieve their GCSE in Media Studies.

The Media Studies teachers at Matthew Moss are enthusiastic and dynamic, with a progressive, real world interest in media, and in our learners as individuals, to ensure that they achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves and the world around them.

Miss A Gocoul

Head of English

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Studying Media Studies

Is for Learners who are...

  • Looking to improve their understanding of the world of media around them;
  • Eager to develop transferable skills, which can be used for the rest of their life;
  • Curious to examine stereotypes and bias, learning to be critical, to challenge and question media views that are presented to them;
  • Interested in learning new practical and academic skills, willing to learn new things, to strive to make improvements;

That will Learn...

Learners will develop their understanding of different media types through a combination of academic study and practical application, creating different text types of their own, through real-life media projects. 

Media studies will require learners to enhance their academic writing skills, analysing and commenting on texts, using essay writing techniques which are transferable to a variety of other subjects, notably English Literature and Language. Learners will study a wide range of written, digital, audio and visual texts and understand how the choices made by writers of these texts impact on the consumer.

As we are all consumers of media, learners of media studies will be best placed to make well informed judgements about the media world around them.

To Become...

  • Learners who strive to have a life-long love of all media types;
  • Learners who work well both with others and independently;
  • Learners who are able to see a project through from concept to completion;
  • Learners who are successful in reading and understanding the technological media world of the 21st century;
  • Learners who achieve highly in GCSE Media Studies.

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