Aspiring to Master the English Language through Literature

English Overview:

Learning is at the centre of the faculty’s ethos.The English faculty aims to facilitate purposeful learning in order for learners to develop the mastery of English skills, in reading and writing, and speaking and listening. The challenge is to enable learners to become effective communicators in the world beyond school.

Our goal is to inspire learners to enjoy language; to drive this goal, we have 3 aims:

  1. To create innovative, engaging learning experiences that provide challenge and engender a love of English in all its forms, where the learning environment promotes independence, collaborative learning and intrinsic motivation.

  2. To monitor, evaluate and improve the quality of teaching and learning across the faculty. We promise to give learners the opportunity to experience, explore and enjoy different times, people and places through literature, in a safe environment that supports all learners’ needs.

  3. To raise attainment by supporting learners in achieving their potential, both in the English faculty and across subject areas; using critique, timely feedback and valuing the practice of purposeful re-drafting, with opportunities for a real audience.

In Key Stage 3, learning centres around embedding and developing confident writing, reading and speaking and listening skills and over the course of the year, learners study language through literature across history. There is the opportunity to experience contemporary fiction and classic texts; understand the features of non-fiction writing; learn about the impact of historical context and study authors; develop creative writing skills and perform. Personalised feedback allows learners to make progress and equips learners to attain highly.

In Key Stage 4, learners are ready to embark on the new GCSE Curriculum. Learning builds on the skills acquired in KS3, and introduces learners to exam skills so that they are confident and effectively prepared to decode, understand and respond to GCSE texts and exam questions. By the end of Year 11, learners achieve two separate GCSE qualifications in English Language and English Literature. Our exam board of choice is AQA.

The English faculty, at Matthew Moss, is a lively and dynamic place to learn about English Literature and the English Language. The faculty comprises of an experienced team of teachers who enthusiastically promote their love of learning about this interesting subject and we aim to make English an enjoyable learning experience.

Miss A Gocoul

Head of English

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Studying English

Is for Learners who are...

Encouraged to explore explicit and implicit meaning;

Learners will develop curiosity;

Learners will question and challenge viewpoints and perspectives;

Learners will be determined to understand how to make progress and constantly improve.

That will Learn...

Learners will study a wide range of texts from 19th century through to modern prose and poetry and learn how to evaluate and respond critically to these texts. Reading will involve developing a range of skills such as: comprehension skills; supporting a point of view by referring to evidence in the text; and use understanding of writers’ social, historical and cultural contexts to inform evaluation. Learners will understand how a writer’s choice of vocabulary, grammatical and structural features impact on the reader; and demonstrate this learning in their own writing, which will be clear and coherent; effective for purpose and accurate.

To Become...

  • Learners who strive to have a life-long love of reading;
  • Learners who develop the necessary writing skills;
  • Learners who speak confidently and listen with empathy;
  • Learners who are successful in communicating effectively throughout life;
  • Learners who achieve highly in qualifications in GCSE English Language and Literature.

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