Hall of High Standards

At Matthew Moss we teach students the skills which are vital for them to learn.

These are addressed in our CHANGE curriculum, which equips students so that there is nothing they will not be able to navigate as they create a good and satisfying life for themselves.


Learner: Ellis

Form: Beech 6

Year: 10

A huge congratulations to Ellis who has been signed to play for Oldham Athletic Girls Football Team!! 

The following learners produced work to support their Geography studies developed in class and from the field studies trip and create a informative and accurate river profile.  They needed to include detailed annotated diagrams that explained the formation of the different features found along a river from the source to the mouth.


Learner: Taiba

Form: Lime 2

Year: 10

She has shown Composure remaining calm under pressure and when being challenged as well as making progress especially in new situations and Agency by using her initiative and leading on activities in lesson as well as on trips.


Learner: Misbah

Form: Beech 2

Year: 10

Misbah showed High Standards by producing quality home learning.  Her excellent Numeracy and Literacy skills enable her to produce graphs and use discourse markers during my writing.


Learner: Fatima

Form: Maple 2

Year: 10

Fatima explained the skills she used for her work:

For this cross profile, I used my Agency from my class work to bring together an entire project.  Also, I used my High Standards to present my work in a unique, efficient and neat way.

Learners: Shiza and Winnie

Forms:Beech 5

As part of our learning on British Values, learners were tasked with designing and creating their own interpretation of British Values in poster form. 

After lots of careful deliberation, Winnie and Shiza from Beech 5 were selected as the winners with this beautifully crafted offering.

Well done girls!

Learner: Zenib

Form: Maple 1

Year: 9

Zenib was asked to create a storyboard of the period of Elizabeth's reign as part of her GCSE History. 

Zenib has demonstrated clearly High Standards in her presentation but has also shown Agency, as she was able to work out key moments within Elizabeth's reign to represent on her storyboard.

Zenib said: :

I am very proud my work has made it to the Hall of High Standards. I am proud of the effort I put into my homework and the quality of work I made as a result.


Learner: Ammar

Form: Maple 3

Year: 11

Ammar has been nominated for the Hall of High Standards for his Growth Mindset and High Standards.

Ammar described his artwork:

This is my piece of coursework that I have produced for my coursework.  Many times I had felt like giving up on this work as much time, effort and thought was needed.  I have always thought Art to be my weakest subject, however after thinking of this idea, I have had Growth Mindset all the way through.

 Well done Ammar!

Learner: Aidan

Form: Beech 5

Year: 7

Aidan competed in the British Taekwondo Championships on the 16th September 2017 and won a silver medal.

Aidan explained:

I used my AGENCY skills during all my five fights.  I remained calm and showed COMPOSURE despite not winning all my fights.  I will definitely use my CHANGE skills to my advantage next year.

Well done Aidan!!

Learner: Eleanor

Form: Beech 5

Year: 7

Eleanor produced some Top Trump cards as part of her Computing homework that contained information about a chosen topic.

Eleanor has shown AGENCY; to research and gather information on a specific topic and NUMERACY by extracting information from her research, to then apply it on the cards.

Keep up the good work Eleanor!

Learner: Aminah

Form: Lime 2

Year: 9

Aminah demonstrated her AGENCY skills to independently prepare a speech and to present her reasons for choosing to wear a hijab at the Rotary Club Speaking competition.

Aminah’s eloquence and passion for her subject won over the judges, and despite being the youngest person competing, she was crowned the overall winner.

Aminah displayed COMPOSURE and HIGH STANDARDS competing against older learners. 

Learner: Sofia

Form: Oak 3

Year: 10

Sofia has received excellent feedback from Huntley Mount Medical Centre during her work experience placement:

Motivated, punctual, well presented and genuinely curious. Sofia seems to have made a significant decision re possible career choices. We could, if appropriate, arrange a meeting/telephone call with a Nurse Lecturer at Salford University. A real pleasure to have had Sofia.

She also received excellent feedback from her recent mock interview:

Despite admittance of being nervous, Sofia shined right through that. She came across very well, confident and articulate. Gave very thorough answers and examples and has also shown commitment to activities outside school, charity work, and conquering her fear of heights. Overall very impressed and interviewed well.




Learner: Shiza

Form: Beech 5

Year: 9

Shiza has produced an outstanding piece of Geography work explaining the wonders of the Amazon Rainforest.  

She has shown AGENCY; wanting to take on and complete quality work, and HIGH STANDARDS; her excellent presentation skills.

Well done Shiza!


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