Summer Is Here

24th July 2017 | Written by Mark Moorhouse

On the last day of term, I showed a Year 5 student and her parents around school to help them decide whether Matthew Moss was for them.

Most schools would defer such a tour for another day, as schools on the last day before the summer break are hardly at their best.  I had no such worries.  I know that Matthew Moss is a very good school.

We began on the top floor, where I asked some learners from a Music class to speak to our visitors, without me present, to tell them about their experience of Matthew Moss, because if you really want to know about a school, then ask the customers.  The visitors were incredibly impressed with what they heard and we moved down a floor to Science, visiting three classrooms.  All were busy and productive, but the last one presented a great moment for us, when a girl respectfully interrupted the polished flow of the teacher with a question:

Miss, if you can keep adding ions, then why aren’t there an infinite number of elements?  

Everything paused and then an even deeper level of learning began, with discussion and explanation and an authentic buzz of curiosity and interest.  

Down a floor to Humanities where Year 8s were speed-walking (OK, two were sent back for running…) from their classrooms to a table in the middle of the open area where they collected tokens from one of their teachers.  A boy patiently explained to us that this was a simulation game investigating NGOs and how a country can develop, before rushing back to join the event.

On the ground floor, we found a near silent Art room, with fierce focus and careful work.

Our visitors could contain themselves no longer at this point.  They were incredulous at what they were seeing.Their eldest son went to another secondary school and had been told not to take his books in for the last day as they wouldn’t be doing any learning.  They couldn’t believe the quality of learning going on at Matthew Moss, in every room.

They have decided to send their daughter to Matthew Moss High School.

They do right.

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