13th October 2017 | Written by Mark Moorhouse

Matthew Moss has risen through the ranks

At a meeting of the Governing Body of Matthew Moss High School this week, the decision was taken to add to the current uniform policy a requirement to wear an item branded with a design incorporating the school logo.

The vote was not unanimous, but then again we have a governance culture which honours assertive challenge as part of its democratic process.  Moreover, the decision itself was informed by a strong wave of support from learners, staff, carers and parents for branded school items to be worn.

Personally, I am on record, more than once, deriding the conventions of traditional school uniform, but at the end of the day, Matthew Moss High School is not my school; it belongs to every learner, every staff member, every parent, every carer and every governor.

I am glad that the community has spoken so clearly on the matter and that a major theme within the consultation feedback from all stakeholders was their pride in the school.  This week also saw the summer’s GCSE results published for all schools and this brought even more justification for our growing pride.  Matthew Moss has risen decisively through the ranks and is now amongst the best of Rochdale schools.  Everyone has worked hard to achieve this and it is a good, good thing that we will all signal our membership of this great school.

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