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20th December 2017 | Written by Mark Moorhouse

Daniel Sugarman, a Jewish journalist, recently tweeted his delight on receiving a card from the Muslim Mayor of London wishing him a “joyful Christmas”.

He regarded it as a wonderful expression of genuine multiculturalism.  It was really uplifting to read and made me think of Toronto, one of the most marvellous multicultural cities in the world, which sees itself as a mosaic, with every culture both proudly expressing itself and fitting seamlessly side by side to create one community.

The Britishness posters at Matthew Moss High School exhibit a similar ethos, the Union Jack being formed using hundreds of tiny pictures of the faces of individual learners.

Over the past month, all the pastoral teams in school have been revisiting our understanding of what it means to be British, with some inspirational outcomes.  As a glimpse of this fantastic initiative, here is the competition-winning poster created by Shiza and Winnie in Yr9, a great example of the High Standards we aspire to in all our learning.

I was also moved today by the donations made by learners and staff to Rochdale Food Bank.  Empathy is a significant part of our CHANGE curriculum at Matthew Moss and it was marvellous to see our care for others expressed so strongly.

I would also like to take the opportunity to celebrate the work of the Parents' Focus Group who give up their time to meet with school to tell us what we are doing well and what we need to improve.  Their work is incredibly valuable to us as we accelerate in our progress to being the Outstanding school which we have it in us to be.  One of their critiques from this term has been that Matthew Moss does not celebrate the voices of parents and carers enough in its publications.  I am grateful for this correction and will begin to put the record straight with feedback we received at a recent Parents’ Evening.

I feel that my son is doing very well and is really happy to be here.


Pleased with the feedback given.  My son enjoys school and is progressing really well.


Matthew Moss is a wonderful school.  My child likes it and she feels relaxed in the school.  She’s really improving.

What a great way to end 2017!

We wish everyone in our great community of learners, grandparents, governors, carers and parents, staff and neighbours all the very best for 2018.

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