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24th March 2017 | Written by Mark Moorhouse

Matthew Moss High School recently commissioned a team of external experts to visit and judge how we are doing.

The best schools constantly drive for improvement and here at Matthew Moss High School we recently commissioned a team of external experts to visit and judge how we are doing.  The news is that we are doing well and the professionals who reviewed the school made the following comments:

Students typically behave very well, both in and out of lessons. Students have excellent attitudes to learning and are highly motivated to achieve well; many relish the opportunity to tackle demanding and challenging tasks.

There is a calm and purposeful atmosphere throughout the school and students are polite, courteous and well-mannered.

Many exercise books reflect students’ considerable pride in their work. Much of their written work is extremely well-presented.

Furthermore, whole-school behaviour management was felt to be a strength to the extent that the visiting team suggested that Matthew Moss should share their practice with other schools.

Alongside these successes, the parallel work of the CHANGE mission is in similarly good health.  

The Agency (or individual initiative) promoted as part of our CHANGE curriculum, for example, can be seen in the huge numbers of learners electing to attend the out-of-hours study sessions provided by the school.

150 learners regularly attend for four hours of extra study on Saturdays

Of great importance also is the Empathy of our CHANGE mission and the imperative to live a good life.  The Planet Mercy project, which involves learners volunteering on Sundays to support families facing hardship, is an inspiring expression of this area of learning at Matthew Moss and we are especially grateful to Liz Cootes for her ongoing leadership of this work.

Year 11 learners supporting the charity Planet Mercy

We are indebted also to Nikki Hewson-Betts for her Empathy work which resulted in Matthew Moss High School recently hosting the Princess Diana Award anti-bullying training for schools from across the north-west.  Matthew Moss High School hosting the Diana Award anti-bullying training for several schools

All the achievements highlighted here are testament to the dedication of the staff and students at Matthew Moss and we continue to be grateful for the ongoing support of governors and parents.  Our success is the wider community’s success and everyone involved in the life of the school, in whatever way, deserves our thanks.

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