Mental Health Awareness Parent Session

2 Nov 2017

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Mental Health Awareness Parent Session

Location & Times:

2 Nov 2017 / 5:00pm / 6:00pm

We have been offered the opportunity for our school to be part of the #Thrive project which focuses on Mental Health Awareness and Resilience Building for Children and Young People.

As part of the project, parents and carers are invited to our Mental Health Awareness Parent Session which will be held on Thursday 2nd November from 5pm - 6pm at school.

The session is 1 hour in duration and will cover current perspectives on Mental Health from a national and local perspective.

It will also provide informative detail around the strategies which are available to support our children and young people within Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale and the pathways which are in place to ensure that our children and young people receive the support they need at the right time.

For further information and to book your place, please complete the #thrive project - letter to parents 2017 and return to school as soon as possible.

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