What is the Prevent Strategy?

Prevent is a government strategy designed to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorist or extremist causes.

The Prevent strategy covers all types of terrorism and extremism, including political and religious extremism.


Key terms:

Extremism – vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values such as democracy, the rule of law and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

Ideology – a set of beliefs

Terrorism – an action that endangers or causes serious violence to a person/people, causes serious damage to property, or seriously interferes or disrupts an electronic system, and is intended to advance a political, religious or ideological cause

Radicalisation – the process by which a person comes to support extremism and terrorism


What to do if you are concerned?

You can call the Anti-Terrorism Hotline: 0800 789321 or visit their website:

You can report material such as:

  • articles, images, speeches or videos that promote terrorism or encourage violence

  • content encouraging people to commit acts of terrorism

  • websites made by terrorist or extremist organisations

  • videos of terrorist attacks

If you have found harmful information, pictures or videos on the internet you can report it anonymously.

Counter Terrorism:


Prevent Tragedies:

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Free Online Training:

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